Hey everyone. I have just recently completely my very first interview done with Realtime Blog. Thought I would post it up here for everyone to read and so i can have it saved somewhere for the future. If you don’t know much about me then check out the interview, I’m sure you will learn a few things about the one behind this website. Don’t forget to check out the ReaTime blog and show them some support by following them. 🙂

Lets start with a, who are you and what do you do?
My name is Ryan Aylwin or more commonly known as Step One. I was born December 1990. I make sandwiches and eat them leaving the crusts behind but more importantly I am a rising dubstep producer and DJ.

What got you into dubstep and who were you listening to before dubstep came to you?

I still remember the first song i heard which completely changed my favorite style of music in an instant which i was almost positive was not going to happen. I was a big Hardstyle fan before i got into dubstep but as soon as i head the basslines and 1/2 beat i was hooked. The first song i heard that converted me was Borgore – Guided Relaxation Dub.

Tell us about noize.fm The site looks great btw.

Thank you! I have been wanting to develope my own radio station for a number of years but did not feel like i had the proper promotion capabilities by myself to get it off the ground. As soon as i saw a facebook status update from a dnb producer named Krooga that said “Who would like to develop an online radio with me?”, I jumped right on it. I knew he had the promotion down and i had the web development down without a problem so we teamed up. It turns out he is also a great artist in photoshop so he helped make it look as good as it does artwork wise. Our future plans for Noize.fm is to be one of the larger online radio stations for underground bass music, booking big names to do guest shows with much more planned. We are the only radio station I am aware of that has modern social networking features to interact with the DJ’s such as user profiles, private messages and organizable friends, forums 100% customizable pages for the DJ’s to promote their own work.

Your web presences goes as far as having a “stoner social media website.” Whats that all about?

Ever since i was young I have had some sort of passion for building my own types of communities including online social networks. I guess it is just the feeling I get when I see something I have built, take off and people enjoy it so much. The “Stoner social media website” you are talking about is something I put together with a few friends with the idea of never medicating alone anymore by using the features like the live video chat and other things to communicate, and it kind of took off as a very popular place for fellow smokers from around the world to meet up and chat.

Going back to music and dirty baselines, the Okanagan Valley had a great outdoor scene when I left. Whats it like now? Has it had any bearing on your personal style?

The scene has grown a bunch over the past few years. Tons more festivals and opportunities for me to get shows. I definitely think the surroundings in the okanagan have had an effect on my style. With the Rottun record label being based out of kelowna, it has been a main goal of mine to make music that would appeal to them.

Fave venues in the okanagan?

The groove, Rustic Robot, but hands down my favorite would have to be Shambhala.

Would you like to send any shout outs to anyone?

There is absolutely way to many people I would like to give a shoutout too, tons of people that have helped me throughout my career and various other things as well. I would really hate to leave anyone out so i just want to give respect to everyone that has had faith in my music in any way. All of you have been a huge part of where i am today with my music, and where i am going to be in the next few years. Much love to you all and thank you for reading this interview!

~Step One

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