Recently played a show called Felurian Grove out in Malakwa along side artists such as Maxx Ammo, MissDVS, and Mark Instinct once again. Was a great weekend and an absolutely amazing venue to say the least. Great people and i want to send a special shout out to the people that had any part of organizing it. Much love and cant wait to go back there again! Started recording the set a few songs in since i forgot to press the record button. As soon as i turned on my computer i noticed that all my cue points had disappeared so i had to do with what i had. Some parts could be better but i blame that on the drinks :mrgreen: Not having any more of those before i play a show. Peek below for more information and a Free Download!

Hope you all enjoy it. Had tons of good feedback from everyone at the festival and packed the dance floor quite well if i say so myself.

Help spread the word by sharing it with your friends, or even just by downloading it and playing it in the car while you are going for a drive.


Artist: Step One
Venue: Felurian Grove
Genres: Electro / Moombahton / Carnival
Length: 56min 09sec
Date Recorded: May 10, 2013


Download Step One live at Felurian Grove:


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saying EDM is repetitive now days is a very broad steaemtnt considering the type of EDM thats being poured out these days It’s either sink or swim. In EDM your up against some very very innovative artist (i.e. A-trak and his collaboration with Travi$, the musically genius mind of Tiesto, Major Lazer, Deadmau5 etc.) not to compare because i know these genre’s are far different but they are all relatively close in the world of electro. Now i have heard subskrpt’s remix of woo boost and yeah it is the best track on his woo boost E.P. but i would… Read more »

It’s wodfurnel to have you on our side, haha!